Willow Snow


He was her love

The breath in her lungs

And reason to go on


In her mind he parked

To live in her memories


She took refuge

In the safe harbor of his heart


No matter how far you run

I will always haunt you


When two hearts meet

Before hands greet


In the dead of the night

With you I take flight


Your petals unfurl before me

Intoxicating me with your beauty


Willow Snow


Just some quotes I thought of, and maybe future inspiration for poetry. Right now these quotes are swimming in my mind so I had to set them free for all to enjoy, hehehe.



Married to my past

Shackles bound me

A resentful vow

Written in stone

Against my free will

Now it takes heed

Of losing its grip on me

Weeping in jealousy

At the path before me

The one that I walk

Without looking back

You can haunt me down

No matter how far I run

But let’s face it

Our annulment is due



The Seed

I’ve held you too long

My little helpless seed

I’ve jailed you in my hand

For my own selfish treat

Not thinking of your needs

To breathe and grow tall

So afraid you’ve become

Of the world before you

Unwilling to budge

From the warmth of my palm

What a fate you’ve been dealt

At the hands of greedy love

So from here I free you

Buried beneath my tears

The nutrient to your soul

Don’t hold back now

For the next time we meet

Your life will be complete



Losing our Humanity

Hugs become emotes

Meetings become facetime

Feelings are misconstrued

And recluses are made of us

Sympathy lacks company

Of a friend’s warm embrace

And our lives peel away

At the hands of social media

Not to mention our manners

And basic social skills

When we make eye contact

With our phone rather than

The one in our presence



(This dude inspired me to write this and I felt the need to share the video because he sends an important message to all of us)



Dreams are the wings to our soul

They carry us to new heights

Expanding our horizon

Without dreams

We are nothing

But a flightless species

Walking in someone else’s shadow

So hold fast your dreams

And let them be your guide



Journey North

Through the air she glides

Riding on the wind

Making her long journey

North to the stars

Happy and free

Unscathed by hands

Who aim to pop and

Stop her ascension

Not a plane nor a bird

That crosses her path

Could shake her heart

From reaching the stars



Falling Souls

When souls die

They rise to the skies

Becoming one with the stars

Awaiting the wish

That will set them free

So they can fall

Fall to the ground

To be reborn again



Immortal Love

Upon his grave she lay

Mourning from dawn to dusk

Her promise on replay

Where nothing would

Sunder their souls

And many moons later

Through the

Cold winter nights

And harsh summer days

She lay there without a sound

Silently beseeching

That he take her breath away

So that she may be at peace

With her lover somewhere else

And upon her final plea

Her last breath escaped

Bound to the grave of her lover

To be together

Happily deceased ever after



Raincloud Of Terror

Upon this land I creep

To rain down my fury

Flooding the streets

In my dark gray coat

An eclipse to your light

A sign of foreboding

Bolts of torment

I unleash

With reckless abandon

Striking to scare

My wrath still immense

They run in despair

Wishing me away

To see their sun again they pray

But I’m deaf to their cries

And with one final blow

My gusty winds flatten

The land to no more



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