1. The name is Stephanie or Sully, Rosalie, or the Necromancer Mermaid (Sounds pretty!) Or even Thumbelina. I come up with my own names because I think they sound more graceful and alluring, lol.
  2. I am 23 and my birthday is October 15th, 1990. *hint hint*
  3. I love anything that has to do with the Humanities/ Psychology/Sociology. I am working on a bachelors degree online in Sociology.
  4. I am a lover not a fighter unless someone pushes the wrong buttons and those are very well hidden, so someone has to be a mastermind in order to get on my bad side.
  5. I was born in California but I live in San Antonio. I have also lived in Atlanta GA and Pensacola FL. I have visited South Carolina. I wish I could explore the North and maybe even travel the world some day.
  6. I love food but I am thin one. I eat lots of sweets and junk that I shouldn’t but some how I lose weight rather than gain. Hey I am not complaining =P
  7. I love reading … anything really. Anything I can gain knowledge from, no matter how weird the topic lol.
  8. I love writing poetry ❤ I love it more than anything right now.
  9. I love rainstorms. They make me feel more alive than the sun does.. I know, weird lol.
  10. I can’t stand rotten smells or my hands being dirty, sticky, or messy at all.
  11. I am a clean freak. I am always cleaning up because I like my environment to be clean otherwise it makes me depressed and feel dirty.
  12. I use to be Christian, and even Muslim. Although now I found who I really am , an atheist.
  13. I love movies …. they range from war movies to comedy romance and action adventure.
  14. My favorite drink is green tea ❤
  15. My favorite food has to be STEAK and anything potato!!
  16. I love kids.. I think they are adorable. So are animals!! I love both because they are so innocent and I wish I could protect every child and animal out there because they never deserve to be abused.
  17. I love taking pictures and some people say I should be a model, but I would never. I just do it for fun!!
  18. I love meeting new people and talking. I am shy at first but once I know someone, I am a chatterbox and won’t shut up.
  19. My favorite poet is Edgar Allan Poe… He is my inspiration although I could never write like him… I am satisfied with being Ms. Stephanie Poe. Hahaha.
  20. I rarely get sick but when I do it’s usually the worst it can get lol.
  21. I hate fake people… ignorant people… close-minded people… rude people… egotistical people… abusers… Dare I go on?
  22. I love wearing hoodies even when its hot outside and I wear them all the time. They just make me feel hidden and secure ^__^
  23. I am a libra!! Beware people and run far >:-0
  24. Music is my life!!! I like Spanish music, some indie, Alternative, Rock and even some old school kind… Oh and some country >.< Older country.. not that fast country pop crap you hear on the radio!!!
  25. I am not afraid to speak my mind if it calls for it, especially if its on something I am passionate about.
  26. I am a supporter of the SPURS! Duh! I live in San Antonio haha. They are the definition of a REAL team.
  27. I love art and accept all forms it comes in. ❤
  28. I am a hopeless romantic ❤
  29. I am a NERD at heart.
  30. I like games like Minecraft, the Sims, and really any computer game.
  31. I love cartoons and disney movies. I will always be a kid at heart !!