Willow Snow


December 2014

One Winged Angel

With the spirit of a fireball
And a warm smile to light your way
She’s the nurse to your needs
And the answer to your prayers
Shattered from within, her
Soul cries fountains of tears
Yet you wouldn’t know with that
Carefree banter and howling laughter
So selfless, inclined to throw her
Face in the way of danger for another
Living the life of a neverending nightmare
Looming darkness the spawn of her despair
But here she remains, in spite of the pain
She’s no ordinary being looking to attain
She’s the one winged angel, here for you and me




Emerald Eyes

Nothing can quell this desire
Except those deep emerald eyes
Glittering like the sea
Within they light a fire so bright
The darkness fades into naught
They’re warm and inviting
Telling a story all of their own
Words wrapped in satin and silk
Holding promise dear like a cocoon
Later to unravel in all of its splendor
So potent his aura, its almost bewitching
A tango of symphonies erupt at the core
When I think of us as forevermore



All For Nothing

What a beautiful poem! “His death all for nothing” speaks volumes! A life taken by a poor choice. I didn’t really know Marcus and I didn’t get to talk to him as much I wanted. All I knew him by was his ‘howls’ and his energetic personality, spreading love and joy, and for that I will deeply miss him. The world lost another good person too soon, but his words will be forever remembered. RIP Marcus! My deepest sympathies to his family! ❤

Vigilant Heart

A heart that was once
Unguarded and inviting
Attracted the selfish
The ungrateful and naive
All who carved pain so deep
The scarring still remains
Receeding into seclusion
The heart, having endured enough
Closed off from humanities icy grip
Slipping into a comatose
Free of sorrow and heartache
But thirsty for a warmth
To shelter it from the cold
Longing for a love that can
Heal the wounds and clear the mess
Yet fearful of opening when
Pain and calamity is all its known
Uncertain of the path ahead
The heart stands at a crossroads
Battling whether it wants to
Travel down the same pathway
Or take a chance that could end up
Being the journey of a lifetime



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