Willow Snow


November 2014

Sinner Of All Evil

When the devil’s not around

I’m the second in command

He tips his hat to me
For he knows me well you see
I’m that nocturnal creature
The sinner of all evil
My toys are the people
My real life voodoo dolls
You can’t run or hide
For I’m the thorn in your side
And the fear in your heart
That you simply can’t ignore
I’m the peel on which you fall
And the itch you can not scratch
I am worse than the devil
 Born straight from evil
And no I can’t be stopped
I’m a beast of simple wants
Working through the night for free
For the thrill in your screams
And that is all the pay I’ll ever need

The Moons Curse

When the full moon rises
The forest falls to silence
Critters scurry off to hiding
In fear of what is coming
People head home early
To avoid the dreaded gurney
When the full moon rises
Beware the chilling siren
The howl of a angry king
On the hunt for his missing queen
Determination seething in his eyes
Pain echoing through his cries
He pounces all who step before him
Shedding blood, and leaving trails of bodies
Cursed to walk the earth a beast
To live and weep in defeat
Each full moon the same thing
Bound to the moons bidding
Dancing the same hopeless tune



The Hearts Voyage

Sailing the ocean waters

Searching far and wide

For a safe harbor

To call her home

Through wild waves

And violent storms

Her ship went through

Coming out with

Bumps and bruises

Sick and dizzy

From the turbulence

Other times

Losing her way

Sailing into unknown places

Filled with peril and uncertainty

Fear almost took her hostage

Til’ a ray of hope broke through

Parting the stormy clouds

Shining its light on her clemency

And to him she took refuge

In the safe harbor of his heart




He was her love

The breath in her lungs

And reason to go on


In her mind he parked

To live in her memories


She took refuge

In the safe harbor of his heart


No matter how far you run

I will always haunt you


When two hearts meet

Before hands greet


In the dead of the night

With you I take flight


Your petals unfurl before me

Intoxicating me with your beauty


Willow Snow


Just some quotes I thought of, and maybe future inspiration for poetry. Right now these quotes are swimming in my mind so I had to set them free for all to enjoy, hehehe.


Married to my past

Shackles bound me

A resentful vow

Written in stone

Against my free will

Now it takes heed

Of losing its grip on me

Weeping in jealousy

At the path before me

The one that I walk

Without looking back

You can haunt me down

No matter how far I run

But let’s face it

Our annulment is due



The Seed

I’ve held you too long

My little helpless seed

I’ve jailed you in my hand

For my own selfish treat

Not thinking of your needs

To breathe and grow tall

So afraid you’ve become

Of the world before you

Unwilling to budge

From the warmth of my palm

What a fate you’ve been dealt

At the hands of greedy love

So from here I free you

Buried beneath my tears

The nutrient to your soul

Don’t hold back now

For the next time we meet

Your life will be complete



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