I hear the wind

Whisper to me

“I love you”

Chills spring

Engulfing my body

With shivers

“I’ll keep you warm”

Dying embers

Burst into a raging blaze

Flushing my cheeks

“I’ll never leave your side”

Shadows trail my steps

Stars guard my night

The sun lights my soul

Everywhere I go


Everything I do

I see his smiling face

Feel his warm breath

Hear his soothing voice

Smell his musky scent

Taste his honey lips

Even after so many years

His words are still fresh

In my mind today

Healing my heart


Although he’s drifted off

To eternal slumber

His promise remains

To be with me forevermore

So I sit here with not a tear

But a joyful smile


It’s hard to miss someone

When they’ve never left

ghost_love_ii_by_chrismyhero-d5belzg (1)