Beware the mighty moon

As fall draws nigh’

For the cold won’t

Be the only thing

Sending shivers

Down your spines

The moon becomes

Your enemy

Waking all that sleeps

To walk among the living

Both the grotesque

And unnatural


Bewildering beauties

Creating mischief

And malice

The undead


At their tombs

To unearth themself

Vampires roaming

In their natural form

Seeking warm flesh

To chew on

Witches casting spells

To wake the devil

Rising him

Along with the dead

Sharp claws and

Piercing howls

Beady eyes

Glowing within the dark

What once was unseen

Will soon be visible

Coming out to play

Scaring is their talent

Creating fear

Stirring chaos


Invading your dreams

All that haunts your nightmares

Will soon come to life

All gathering to

Collect your screams