A young girl



Who fell into

The arms of a devil

Not once

But twice

By two different people

Who were very much

Like family

Whom she looked up to

For protection and love


They were the ones

Who tainted her world

Stripping it of color

Taking advantage

Of a girl

Who sought attention

But not the kind

She had received

Too young to understand

Blaming herself

For their evil deed

Thinking she was nothing

But a man’s plaything

Unworthy of love

Viewing the world

Through timid eyes

Thinking that people

Only saw her exterior

And not what’s inside



B r o k e n

Cheated from a

Normal childhood

Carrying the weight

Of the world

On her shoulders

From such a tender age

Living her life

Fearful of being loved

But even more so

Of being hurt

But craving to feel

What real love is

Often wondering how

She can trust men

When she couldn’t even

Trust the ones

In her own family

But she lives in the present

Although she may

Be broken

She has not

Been defeated


That would mean

Giving up

And she still stands today

Fighting off the demons


Loving herself

Because she knows

That’s the best revenge

And that girl is me