From a single seed
Sprouted your glory
Through rain or shine
You continued to grow
Gifting us life with
Your magical aura
Without you there
Is no hope for tomorrow
But dull barren lands
You kindly spare your limbs
For those who need a lift
Gracefully climbing to the skies
Adorned in merry reds and peaceful greens
Always changing but beautiful nonetheless
Aesthetically enchanting in nature
The wind is your harp and
Through your leaves you sing
Softly to the universe
Swaying and dancing
Casting shadows in the sunset
Its rays illuminating your soul
Standing strong no matter whose
Carved their initials in you or
How strong a storm passes through
It may bend you or shake some leaves
But you howl back and resume composure
To put it quite simply
Without you we’d be nothing


(Photo credit)