Willow Snow


September 2014

A Castles Memoir

Once long ago

Queens and kings

Inhabited the space

Between my walls

Together they’d host

Lavish banquets

Cheer filled the halls

And people danced

Without a care

People would stop by

To admire and

Take my picture


By the grandeur

Of such a notable castle

But darkness has moved in

And now I’m just a hollow

Abandoned old building

Living the

Nightmare of silence

Nature claiming

My land as their own

A landmark of unease

Inspiring ghost tales

Among the young and old

My past forgotten

Only to be remembered

In the pages of history




Sky Oasis

The sky is limitless

For just you and I

So let love be our wings

And let’s fly with the birds

Our oasis awaits us

To relish in its splendor

And bask among the stars

Revel with the sun

And sleep on the moon

Let the rain wash our sorrows

And the rainbow

Be a display of the

Cheer in our hearts



Lovely Little lady

Lovely little lady

Hidden in your

Ruby red shell

Deceiving admirers

In your innocent disguise

Taking down creatures

 Left and right

From a little scare

When all they wanted

Was to say hello

Fending off intruders

With your vile

Self made toxin

O lovely little lady

Feeding on family

And loved ones

Just to survive

Brave little beetle

Dignified yet

Oh so dangerous

Who would of known

That a cannibalistic ninja

Could hide in

A lovely little ladybug



Spirit of the Sunset

The day can not end

Nor start without you

Warming hearts near and far

A burning ball of love

Whose romantic golden hues

Never fail

In captivating my breath

Visions of you

Dart through my mind

Getting me through the night

To the morning

Where you’ll once again rise

The perfect start

To any day



The Lotus Flower

Through murky waters

And cloudy skies

Beauty in its purest form

Arises from dormancy

Greeted by the suns

Early morning glow

Sprouting pedals

Of vibrant colors

Burning like a

Ceaseless fire

Under the

Midnight moon

Silencing nature

With its sweet lotus song

Spells of enchantment

Enthralling creatures nearby

Peace enveloped in

Its velvety essence

Inspiring artists from

All walks of life

The epitome of

Light and love

Flawless grace

Born from darkness

To romance life

With its presence



(My 100th poem 😀 😀 :D)

Why The Mystery?

The heart feels first

What the mind sees later

So why lose the time

Playing detective

Searching for clues

To questions

The heart

Has already resolved?



I’ll Be

When life has left you out in the cold

I’ll be your blanket

When the blue monsters attack

I’ll be there to dish the laughs

When people push you

I’ll be there to catch

When you feel like faltering

I’ll be your support

When dark thoughts plague your mind

I’ll be there to pull you to the light

When you feel alone

I’ll be there to hold your hand

When you feel like giving up

I’ll be there to hold you close

When you’re smiling

I’ll be there to smile with you

Through happiness or sorrow

I’ll be there



Swinging Heart

Swinging in the night
Captivated by the stars
Gifts wrapped in ribbons
Made of love and silk
Up, up, my heart nearly stops
So close yet so far away
Down, Down, here comes the frown
My heart a neverending pendulum
Chasing dreams over the moon
To and fro my heart goes
Reaching out to grasp but
With empty hands I recede
Even so, I relish in having
Come close enough
To bathe In its magical glow



Human Ice Sculpture

Nothing is colder
Than the hands of evil
Freezing my heart
Upon first contact
Filling me
With your essence
Frozen I become
More susceptible to
Your chipping at
My entirety
Growing numb in feeling
With each piece lost
Frozen in time
Here I remain
Behind this icy
Wall of pain
Inept to love
Or be loved
Burning those with frostbite
Who aim to thaw the pain
The cold revealing
The color of my soul
Sadness exposed
Vulnerable and fragile
Despite this glass wall
Motionless body yet
Screaming from within
Shaking my core in
Attempts to be heard
Barely breathing
The cold consuming me whole
Transforming me
Into a human ice sculpture
Living in fear for the crisis
That will shatter me
To bits of nothing



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