He wanders hopelessly
Along this trail of
Broken dreams and
Ample silence, except
For the haunting echoes
That violate his thoughts
Aloof and neurotic he
Prefers solidarity for
The company he entertains
Within his weary mind suffices
Splinters of failure and
Mistakes tornado round his
Frame and threaten his
Existence, Gravitating him
Closer to the edge of oblivion
Forsaken memories vanish in
The distance, demolishing his
Innocence and inviting in
Clouds of destruction
Mysterious and dubious in
Nature, his ghastly omens
Are his only cure for his
Lack of social connection
The allure of mystery
And the promise of infinite
Immortality entices him to
Never return to the minuscule
And invisible boy he once was
The thrill of danger and death
His drug for excitement, filling
Him with life and adventure
Shedding his invisibility cloak
And forming an invincibility shield


(Found photo here)