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August 2014

An Age Old Disease

The world is sick
With a age old disease
Some people call it money
Others know it as capital
Either way its meaning is tarnished
We throw away our morals to obtain it
The side effect being obsession
Posing a threat to our society by
Creating thieves and drug dealers
Prostitutes sell their body for a buck
Major corporations put people on
The streets in order to expand
This cancer is untamable, having
Affected people by the millions and
Is past the stage of being curable
The promise of riches steer
Our intentions and decisions
Arousing the selfish monster in us
As the virus takes over our body
Consuming what generosity we had left
And injecting hatred and greed
Dividing us as it transverses the world
The final stage: Death of humanism


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Scorching Desire

A wise man once said
Don’t play with fire
Or you’ll get burned
But then I met the
Essence of desire
A tempting charm
Laid in fiery reds
And golden hues
Men felt desirous
For her attention
Driven by passion
She was untouchable
A rare gemstone
Of a another realm
A sinful prize for
Any who dared try
Then one day
Fixated by her beauty
I ventured too far
Into her forbidden lair
Falling madly in love
With this inferno of lust
Igniting my soul on fire
With her magnetic spark
Burning her initials
Into my heart with
Her scathing touch
Accepting my fate
As forever scorched


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Don’t Ignore the Inevitable

Pain is a powerful emotion
It gnaws at you from inside
Bullying the heart to
Spill forth the tears
Its grasp is inevitable
Exigent demands to be seen
Prominent in those somber eyes
Exuding emptiness and despair
It resides within the chambers
Of your soul ’til you let it free
By imprisoning pain
You’re punishing yourself
So answer its call and feel it
It’s the key to your remission


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(This poem was inspired off the quote “Pain demands to be felt” by the movie The Fault in our Stars. A beautiful and sad movie. Highly recommend it.)

Lover’s Duo

Your fingers gently explore, my
Polished black and white exterior
Evoking emotion with every stroke
Seducing you to play further
In a feverish haze, you elicit
Hums of celestial variations
Compelled by my poignant tale
How it vibrates within your soul
Conveying the unspoken with each key
Resonating through the hearts of
Enamored listeners who sit in silence
Together we bring life to this room
Performing a classical duet once more
Passion and artistry in every note
Closing with a ‘E’ minor as your
Expression softens at having to
Part from my ivory keys ’til next time


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Musical Meadows

The moonlights gaze
Graced our rhythmic steps
As we twirled through
The flowery meadows
Following the path
Of the firefly’s glow
Down to the pristine creek
We swayed in tune to
The whistling of wind
Composing a harmony with
The crickets chirping
Dancing in loves delight
Becoming one with each
Fluent stride, like a pair of
Birds mating in the skies
Enamored by the beauty
Of the nights melody
Drinking from natures
Honey essence to lose
Our minds within these
Musical meadows



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Fallen Angels

Its true, angels are real
They reside in the souls
Of brave men and women
Whom risk their existence
To defend our country’s liberty
Charting into unknown territory where
Conditions are poor and unstable
Danger lurking at every corner
They do this for me and you
Young or old their goal is the same
To uphold our rights and choices
Losing blood in the name of freedom
Standing strong in the face of the enemy
Cheering victory and mourning losses
Driven to complete the task in honor
Of the fellow comrades who died
Doing what they felt was right
To protect the ones they love
Leaving this world a noble hero
Recognized for their valor
Names of these valiant warriors
Embed our solemn hearts
Tears in remembrance
Of our fallen angels


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When the Moon Rises…

Upon nightfall
Reality descends
Dreams flutter
Inviting you in
Meeting in silence
The pulse in our
Hearts the music
To which we dance
Seeking refuge in
Each others embrace
Knowing soon the
Sun will rise
And we will part
Waking with the
Promise that
When the moon rises
Again you’ll haunt me


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Carry Me Home

I’ve traveled the world
But nothing prepared me
For when love averted my eyes
Dropping me in uncharted lands
Needless to say I got carried away
Getting drunk on euphoria and
High in his hypnotic gaze
Dizzying my senses
‘Til I fell into his arms
Love had conquered my heart
Breathless and defeated
I whispered
‘carry me home’


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Painting the Skies

High up above
Suspended in flight
A beautiful bird
Gracefully soars
Midnight blue wings
Expand the horizon
Carelessly roving
Adorning the naranja
Skies with his
Navy blue coat
Merrily singing his
Tune absent of words
Boundless and free
The world his canvas


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