To some I’m just a pretty face
A warm embrace to put you at ease
A smile to light your darkest path
My temple you’ll want to flaunt
But don’t be fooled by my innocence
And assume it’s a case of naivety
Deep beneath this mask is a pain you cannot see
Many tears I have shed, Many friends I have lost
Terrible spoken words that are carved in my skin
I try being a true friend for my hearts as pure as gold
But some don’t notice my gift to them, eternal friendship
One whom won’t just turn their back and walk away
My ears are here to listen
My shoulder I can lend
But if you need me there for you
You have to understand
I am not just a trophy to place upon display
To be pushed back and forgotten til’ a rainy day
I’m not just a pretty face or a an object of desire
Although I want to make you happy
And be your light in a dark tunnel
You have to see far beyond the surface
I’m a delicate flower in need of love and care to grow
Show me that you love all that I have and my feelings will show
For I have a heart to offer and a friendship so true
Just promise you’ll be there and I’ll do the same for you