She writhed violently in her grave
Eyes widened and dark with terror
Her lace gown clinging to her small frame
Dampened by glistening beads of sweat
Was this another venture in her mind
From the voices living in her head
Who beckoned her to this enclosed tomb
Instilling visions of doom and despair
Forming an illusion of her gliding towards the heavens
The sound of angels sweet harmonies drifting from afar
An oasis of beauteous splendor and tranquility
Just to have it ripped away, as she watches it all disintegrate before her
Vanishing into naught, Darkness slowly advancing over the horizon
Raising a siren of alarm in her rapidly beating heart
As it engulfs her, choking her existence
Each breath weaker than the last
Her vocals on fire as she tries to scream out
The demons laughing as they torment her
Tearing away at her solitude, and playing on her lunacy
Her sickness her mortal enemy, a captive in her own body
Will she surrender to this madness or fight for her life?