Willow Snow


July 2014

The Black Rose

A symbol of death and despair for many
Rid of all hope and warm merriment
A sign of hatred and mistreatment
Broken hearts and vengeful intentions
Deeming the end of somethings existence
A fallacious judgment preconceived
Look behind its’ enigmatic nature
And you will see a concealed beauty
In its’ velvety silk pedals
Wrapped in elegance and perfection
A Bearer of true devotion and love
As rare as the rose itself

black rose wallpaper-1


My Image

To some I’m just a pretty face
A warm embrace to put you at ease
A smile to light your darkest path
My temple you’ll want to flaunt
But don’t be fooled by my innocence
And assume it’s a case of naivety
Deep beneath this mask is a pain you cannot see
Many tears I have shed, Many friends I have lost
Terrible spoken words that are carved in my skin
I try being a true friend for my hearts as pure as gold
But some don’t notice my gift to them, eternal friendship
One whom won’t just turn their back and walk away
My ears are here to listen
My shoulder I can lend
But if you need me there for you
You have to understand
I am not just a trophy to place upon display
To be pushed back and forgotten til’ a rainy day
I’m not just a pretty face or a an object of desire
Although I want to make you happy
And be your light in a dark tunnel
You have to see far beyond the surface
I’m a delicate flower in need of love and care to grow
Show me that you love all that I have and my feelings will show
For I have a heart to offer and a friendship so true
Just promise you’ll be there and I’ll do the same for you


Sea of Love

Flowing like the tides of the sea
Coming and going as you please
Tossing me into an abyss of wonder
Silence dawns over me as I ponder
Memories of you flood my thoughts
As the cool breeze entangles my hair
The seagulls singing in choir
The misty salt air consuming me
In resemblance of your love
Stealing a smile in remembrance
Your presence as vast and endless as the deep blue
Never leaving my heart, soul, or mind…


Imprisoned by Insanity

She writhed violently in her grave
Eyes widened and dark with terror
Her lace gown clinging to her small frame
Dampened by glistening beads of sweat
Was this another venture in her mind
From the voices living in her head
Who beckoned her to this enclosed tomb
Instilling visions of doom and despair
Forming an illusion of her gliding towards the heavens
The sound of angels sweet harmonies drifting from afar
An oasis of beauteous splendor and tranquility
Just to have it ripped away, as she watches it all disintegrate before her
Vanishing into naught, Darkness slowly advancing over the horizon
Raising a siren of alarm in her rapidly beating heart
As it engulfs her, choking her existence
Each breath weaker than the last
Her vocals on fire as she tries to scream out
The demons laughing as they torment her
Tearing away at her solitude, and playing on her lunacy
Her sickness her mortal enemy, a captive in her own body
Will she surrender to this madness or fight for her life?


Eternal Life

His pale hand reached out for mine
Cold and lifeless, our bodies entwined
Dancing in the wake of the night
Under the eerie moonlight’s gaze
Wolves howling in the distance
Our souls spiraling into a trance
As we bathe in the existence of such beauty
Our eternal youth, a gift from our friend
With whom we share our greatest hunger
And seek to live out our everlasting desire
As vampires forevermore…



Night & Day

I’m your worst nightmare
The ghost of your past
So spare me the trouble
Of haunting your dreams
And run fast my dear one
Before I defile your angelic purity
With my demonic seeds of filth
Corrupting your soul
And demolishing your innocence
Enticing you into a world of danger
Filled with deception and selfishness
But alas, you refused to abide
So as you sit there, sulking in remorse
At the realization of being just another pawn in my game
…I laugh sadistically…
…For I warned you my dear…
“We are night and day and will never be”




Your words seep through my skin
And run through my veins
Sweeping me up in your lies
And sinful ways
Engraving a false sense of propriety
While silently spoiling my integrity
Your elixir a bitter sweet drug
Feeding my lust filled hunger
Slowly poisoning me to no return


Punching Bag

Jabbed at and battered
Her childhood shattered
Plummeting to the earth
Along with her worth
Her gullible image
Just another mirage
Of a demon hindering her vitality
What blasphemy, she thinks
As she blindly takes another blow
Sinking lower into a pit of woe
A black and blue soul
Tormented and used
As their temporary solace
A punching bag at their disposal


Oh Moon

Oh moon, how you illuminate my nightfall
Extending your beauty across the lands and seas
A beauty unparalleled to that of any goddess or god
Your milky iridescence blanketing my soul
Protecting it from the ghouls lurking in the night
A silver halo dancing above, encompassing the heavens
Lingering within my presence, Cascading a silky drape of magic
Easing me at rest and lulling me to peaceful slumber 


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